Herbsttreffen / Autumn Meeting


The annual autumn meeting is the most important event for the network: It serves as a general meeting. It also is the biggest annual event for our members to connect and socialise and offers the opportunity to exchange ideas on an interesting topic previously chosen by the network.


Wintertreffen / Winter Meeting


The annual winter meeting is the first of the meetings of the CSP network each year. Usually, it takes place in January or February in changing locations in Germany. The board as well as interested CSP members who want to be involved in the planning process are participating. The aim of this meeting is to set objectives and to start the subsequent planning for the year. The discussed activities revolve around the responsibilities of the board as well as focus on the interests of the members.


Frühjahrstreffen / Spring Meeting


The annual spring meeting provides a good opportunity for the board and for interested members to exchange views and ideas on the yearly topic as well as to set priorities. Furthermore, this meeting traditionally marks the start of the planning process of the annual autumn meeting.


Sommerseminar / Summer Seminar


The summer seminar provides a platform of exchange for the newest CSP fellows with the Carl@s who started their fellowship the year before. During workshops and seminars, participants can exchange on the experiences made as well as their expectations, discuss interesting topics and socialise with other Carl@s.


CSP Salons

The CSP Salons are events – organized by Carl@s – that bring together Carl@s of a particular location for discussions and exchange on specific topics. The choice of a topic and the planning of the event are carried out by groups of committed Carl@s (volunteers will hopefully be found each year). Usually, an interesting speaker will be invited. Carl@s are then responsible to find a location and a date and most often financial support from various sides can be secured.